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Kelly Hoppenjans

Can't Get the Dark Out

Praise for Can't Get the Dark Out:

"The beauty of 'Can't Get the Dark Out' lies in how it refuses to pull its punches." Bearded Gentlemen

"Hoppenjans dissects past heartbreak, navigates newfound love, and weathers interstate moves across five journal-entry-inspired tracks. The 20-minute EP seamlessly flows through alt-rock and folk-rock sensibilities with forthright lyrics." A2 Pulp

"[Stain is] a near-perfect encapsulation of a painful breakup." Bearded Gentlemen

“[Stain's] video, which was produced by Crystal Bowersox and features art direction from Nashville visual artist Samantha Zaruba, uses simple yet impactful imagery to illustrate a moment that unexpectedly sparked lyrical inspiration.”

Stain 28.tiff

Kelly Hoppenjans Takes herself Too Seriously

Poetry and Lyrics CHapbook Out Now!

Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 3.28.20 PM.png

"In contrast to what the title says, Hoppenjans brings a playfulness by including drawings, handwritten notes, and QR codes on the pages of the book. Poems and lyrics are distinct but morph into one form or the other when on the page or sung in a recording." 


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Praise for OK, I Feel Better Now: 

“'Band-Aid Girl'... is an exhausted, exquisitely solitary dirge about settling into a romance that doesn't quite work with a partner who isn't quite emotionally available. The torch in Hoppenjans' heart is reduced to a mere wisp, and she conveys its final embers with her lovely, plaintive alto.”


"'If I Had You' is a twangy infusion of folk and pop rock. Don’t let the contagiously catchy track fool you though, there is a very meaningful message beneath those layers of sun kissed guitars and synth beats."​

The Alternative

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Stain: Official Music Video
Love of My Life (In My Living Room): Official Music Video
Mother Song (Official Music Video)
Band-Aid Girl (Official Music Video)
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"A brash collection of songs from a fearless musician." 

For the Rabbits: 

"Recalling the likes of Tacocat or Field Mouse, the track walks the like between driving indie-rock and polished pop perfection, Kelly’s powerful vocal sat atop a musical backing of pulsating drums and clattering guitars. A sun-drenched wonder of a song, with an important lyrical message hidden underneath,  there’s an awful lot to enjoy about Kelly Hoppenjans."

B-Sides and Badlands:

“Nashville’s indie rocker Kelly Hoppenjans utilizes various hairstyles to make a profound statement on womanhood and controlling her own narrative...In deconstructing societal conventions and expectations of women, she, in effect, finds her own warrior cry buried beneath ‘brush and pen,’ as she later spits. It’s a commanding performance if ever you’ve seen one.”

Broadway World: 

“Hoppenjans creates empowering rock aimed at breaking toxic cycles, cultivating and embracing her own identity, and inspiring those around her to claim their own space in this world.” 

Nashville Scene: 

"Getting emotional clarity isn’t always pleasant, but it’s ultimately easier to figure out how to go forward when you’re fully aware of where you are. That’s the common thread running through the songs on OK, I Feel Better Now, the alt-rock-tinged new LP from singer, songwriter and standout guitarist Kelly Hoppenjans."

Ear to the Ground:

“I like a great musical ride, and this EP [Dreaming Is Easy] is one of the best I've been on in a while. Amazing vocals. Warm lyrics. Rich music. It's a singer-songwriter triumph.” 

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Can't Get the Dark Out
Kelly Hoppenjans Takes Herself Too Seriously
"Stain" Video Bundle
OK, I Feel Better Now
Dreaming Is Easy
Simple Thing
OK, I Feel Better Now T-Shirt
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Nashville singer-songwriter Kelly Hoppenjans creates empowering rock, combining the spirit of riot grrrl tinged with folky introspection. The follow-up to her energetic 2019 full-length debut, OK, I Feel Better Now, her new EP Can’t Get the Dark Out dives deep into relationships, fate, and breaking free of toxic patterns. The EP is inspired in part by Hoppenjans’ journey of finding love during the pandemic: navigating online dating, confinement, and impending life changes to sustain that love. 


Dating during a pandemic is confined and restricted—outdoor, distanced dates and virtual dating from home become the norm. Hoppenjans met her boyfriend on Hinge in September 2020, and the two dated outdoors until they felt comfortable enough to start having dates at each other’s apartments. They fell in love at home while the pandemic kept them from going to restaurants and bars, and had their first date at a restaurant in April 2021, months after they met. Since then, they’ve weathered a move, long distance, and living in a new city as a couple. 


While the music contains Hoppenjans’ signature mix of grunge-y 90s rock and introspective singer-songwriter, the album art is modeled on a vintage 50s aesthetic, playing up the themes of home, love, and nostalgia throughout the EP. “Love of My Life (In My Living Room),” her sardonic ode to online dating, is a high-energy pop-tinged rocker, and the introspective “Parallel Lines” explores fate, circumstances pulling lovers apart, and fighting against them to be together. “I wanted this album to be a messy love story,” Hoppenjans says, “the joys and struggles of finding love in a dark, difficult world.”

In addition to making music, Kelly is also a voice teacher dedicated to helping her students find their most authentic, unique, strong voices. She teaches through A2 Guitar in Ann Arbor and her own studio, Kellybird. Follow her on Instagram and Youtube for singing tips, and visit her teaching page for more info, availability, and prices!


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Ann Arbor MI

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